Claiming Your RuneScape Name

How it works:

  1. Log-in to RuneHead using Facebook and enter your RuneScape name (follow link below).
  2. Make a post on forums and include a verification code that we give you.
  3. After instant automatic verification, you can control how RuneHead uses your RuneScape name.

How we keep your account safe:

Your RuneScape account's safety is our number one concern. That is why we have developed this verification method that avoids players giving us their RuneScape password and still manage to verify their RuneScape identity to us with 100% accuracy. For added safety, we use Facebook for registration on RuneHead. This way, we do not maintain a database of RuneScape player's email addresses and other vital information often used to hack into RuneScape accounts. Even if our database was to get compromised, you can rest assured that your RuneScape account, IP address, and email address will remain completely safe.