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  • Total Members: 22
  • Average Hitpoints: 81.86
  • Average Hitpoints Rank: 112,420
  • Average Hitpoints XP: 15,160,406
  • Total Hitpoints XP: 333,528,939
  • RuneScape Version: Runescape
  • Category: Official Clan List
  • Stats Last Updated: 10th Feb 2013

F2P or P2P: F2P & P2P Based

Cape Colour: Wilderness Cape 46

Clan Initials: TPL

Website: http://tpl.rsnation....

Time Base: Worldwide

Home World: 97

Clan Signature: Click here

IRC Channel: #TPL

LeaderHigh CouncilEvent PlannerWarlord
Clan RecruiterDistinguished MemberElderAdvanced Member
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The Phoenix Legions :: Hitpoints - Advanced Member
Rank RuneScape Name Hitpoints Rank Hitpoints Level Hitpoints XP
1 isopro pyl 147680 95 8953482

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