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  • Total Members: 46
  • Average P2P Combat: 135.55
  • Average F2P Combat: 123.99
  • Average Constitution: 98.5
  • Average Overall: 2,212
  • Total XP: 13,925,779,114
  • RuneScape Version: Runescape
  • Category: Castle Wars Group
  • Stats Last Updated: 17th Nov 2012

F2P or P2P: P2P Based

Cape Colour: Not Set

Clan Initials: CWL

Website: http://s1.zetaboards...

Time Base: America & Europe

Home World: Not Set

Clan Signature: Click here

IRC Channel: #CwL

Cwl FounderLeaderHigh CouncilCouncil
MemberTrial MemberLegend of the MonthHonoured Member
CwL CheerLeaderSpecial
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Castle Wars Legends :: Memberlist - Legend of the Month
Rank RuneScape Name P2P Combat Level Constitution Level Overall Level Highest Skill
1 F1m 138.23 99 2356 99 Hitpoints

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