Frequently Asked Questions

Find an answer to the most frequently asked questions. Please read this before contacting us as your answer may already be here.

Question: How can I register for a memberlist for my clan / group?

Answer: Visit Simply follow the instructions on that page and you can register a memberlist for your clan / group.

Question: My RuneScape name is on a memberlist I should not be on. Can you remove it?

Answer: If you wish to be removed from a memberlist that you don't want to be on then either contact us or post on the forum and we can remove you from that list.

Question: Everyone on my Memberlist is displaying as 3 Combat, how do I get the stats to display?

Answer: In the Admin Control Panel:

  • Click on Edit / Delete / Update
  • Highlight the members you wish to update (1-100 Members at a time).
  • Click Update Members and wait for the process to complete (it may take up to 1-2 minutes to update).

Alternatively you can set the Auto Update option under Detailed Info to yes and this will update your memberlist once every 24 hours.

Question: The combat level is incorrect for one or more usernames on my memberlist, why is this happening?

Answer: First, make sure the spelling of the name is correct. Best way to check this is by visting the offical RuneScape hiscores and trying it there. Also make sure they have combat stats on the offical hiscores. If they don't then the RuneHead Hiscores Catalogue can't determine their combat level.

If a member has a combat stat which doesn't display on the hiscores since it is too low then the RuneHead Hiscores Catalogue won't be able to correctly determine the combat level. This can't be fixed at the moment as it is out of our control.

Question: I'm not receiving my password after registering or using the forgot password feature. What can I do?

Answer: Usually the emails arrive immediately, but in some cases it can be slowed down and take a few minutes to arrive. So first, make sure you give it at least 20 minutes to check if it arrives. Make sure you also check your email provider's junk mail box as the email sometimes goes there. If the email hasn't arrived and you can't find it your junk mail box, you can contact us to get it sorted out.

Question: I have found a memberlist breaking the guidelines, what should I do?

Answer: If you find a memberlist breaking the guidelines you can either contact us, report it on the forum or report the memberlist by clicking the "Report List" on the top right hand corner of the memberlist in question. Appropriate action will be taken on the memberlist if it is found to be breaking the guidelines.