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The RuneHead Hiscores Catalogue (formerly RSHSC / RuneScape Hiscores Catalogue) story begins in October 2005. Back then WestScript provided a small memberlist service to a few clans that required a memberlist. This service quickly took off and got to a point where the demand was getting too high to keep up with. It was decided that an automated service was required so any clan / non-clan group could sign up, receive a memberlist and customise it how they wanted.

Coding on this new service began in December 2005 over the Summer holidays and was completed and released on the 3rd of February 2006. In the few weeks after being released the service already had well over 200 memberlists.

Since then the RuneHead Hiscores Catalogue has received many updates to improve it greatly. These have included a new design, many new features and many small to large updates to the code to ensure the service runs as fast and as reliable as possible.

The RuneHead Hiscores Catalogue was originally hosted on Uzzisoft and eventually moved over to RuneHead once the service was getting too large and required a dedicated server to run.

These days, the RuneHead Hiscores Catalogue still is regularly updated and continues to be one of the most used services in RuneScape.

Technical Information

The RuneHead Hiscores Catalogue is written in PHP and JavaScript, using MySQL as the database. The RuneHead Hiscores Catalogue design is valid XHTML 1.1 and CSS (if you find a page that is not valid or is not working correctly then please contact us).

The RuneHead Hiscores Catalogue is tested under Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and Google Chrome to ensure the design and features are usable for everyone. If you however use another browser and the design or features are not usable, please contact us and we will do our best to fix it.