RuneHead Clan Memberlists and Hiscores

RuneHead is memberlist hosting service for all RuneScape Clans and Non-Clan groups alike. It is undoubtedly the main resource used by RuneScape Clans and is a great way to keep up to date with clans' stats.

Clan or group leaders create a RuneHead memberlist by adding RuneScape names of their members on their memberlist. RuneHead then keeps the skill information, including combat levels, updated. A RuneHead memberlist is essential for a clan to stay organized.


Free Registration

If your clan or group doesn't already have a memberlist you may register one for absolutely free.

Clan / Non-Clan Databases

View all the clans / non-clans memberlists in one place. Sort them by name, combat average, etc.

Clan Member Search

Find out exactly which RuneHead memberlists a RuneScape player is on.

Memberlist Search

Find memberlists with a particular combat average, clan cape, etc.

Memberlist Compare

Compare up to 5 memberlists and find out who comes out on top in each skill.

Memberlist Embedding

Display a memberlist on your website after following some simple steps.

Admin Control Panel

Gives control to clan leaders over how their memberlist will look, who will be on it and more.

Create a Memberlist