About RuneHead

RuneHead is a site dedicated to the Massive Online Multi-player game called RuneScape. We aim to provide RuneScape players with the best free RuneScape services on the web to enhance their playing experience. We constantly strive to develop new innovative and unique features.

RuneHead in 2008

RuneHead Credits

The innovative and useful services brought to you by RuneHead has only been made possible thanks to the contributions of many.

RuneHead Leaders

These are the personalities in overall charge for managing the different features.

Hiscores Crew

The service that most RuneScape clans use for their memberlist needs. Credit for this service goes to:

  • Former Lead Coder and Owner
  • Thanks also to:
    Jerrcs - Former Technical Help
    Ks Jeppe - Former RuneHead Owner / Technical Help
    Alexi02 - Former Server Host
    Eeeeediot - Ideas and feedback

You the users!

Lest we forget - a great debt is owed to every single user who has helped to improve RuneHead over the years. Although we can't list everyone explicitly, their reward is in the action of helping itself. For example, giving some feedback about a service, suggesting an improvement or correction, reporting erroneous Hiscores member lists, or even just showing some appreciation for the services that you have benefited from.

Always feel welcome to our forums to suggest and discuss your ideas with the RuneHead crews and we will do our best to listen and work for the benefit of our users.